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Simple Eggs Sunny Side Up Recipe

Eggs Sunny Side Up: A sunny-side-up egg the whites are cooked through not runny at all. The yolk is vibrant yellow and ready to explode with goodness. Our ingredients are simple. It's simply egg butter and our secret weapon just an ordinary spoon. Some people try to flip their eggs in the pan and call this sunny-side up. Those people are nuts. This is one fine and probably delicious egg but where's the sunshine. It's hidden inside another method is to use a lid and capture steam to cook. The top of the egg the yolk is pretty but the bottom of the egg is overcooked and chewy for the top is ever ready.
I know a better way I have one tablespoon of butter in a frying pan over medium heat. You can tell that it's hot enough when the cloudiness of the butter starts to dissipate. But make sure your butter doesn't Brown. You can also use a tablespoon of vegetable or canola oil. It makes great-looking eggs.
We can lose that beautiful nutty flavor from the butter. Here's the trick started. We're going to cook the top of the egg with the butter at the bottom of the pan. It's called basted fast equals baby. Right now you have full control over how well you want your egg cook to continue to spoon hot butter over the top of the egg. When the whites are fully cooked and the yolk is done just the way you like gently lift with a spatula and drain off any excess butter. I'm hitting a mine on top of a bowl of Parmesan grits and I always make a mine on whole-wheat toast and then sunny-side-up eggs down the right way and I hope it makes your day.

Eggs sunny side up

Delicious Simple Eggs Sunny Side Up Recipe

Today I'm going to show you how to cook a perfect fried eggs sunny side up. I don't need a lot of eggs but when I do I like a really good one my fried egg sandwich is one of my most favorite dishes. This is just a basic fried egg but perfect and it depends on how you like it.
The first thing you have to do is start off with a warm pan and then some butter. Then start to pan heating on high. You're gonna hear some sizzling the snap and then put just a little butter. You go so you start off with that. So circle it around and put that down just a little. Next, you take an egg and you tap it on the side right here and you pull these two apart look it and you drop it in there. That's perfect and then you let this cook. So you can see right now it's coming across. It's coming along here on the edges. After that right gets some of that butter over there. You can slide the egg already. So you look that means that you have the right amount of butter on the bottom.
Now you see these areas right here that You're waiting for that to solidify. The yolk is perfect the outsides starting to cook. It doesn't take long now. If you like it sunny-side up. You leave it in here for another minute until this gets a little more solid. Then put down the salt and pepper. You got your egg. I know that there are pros and cons about this but I like to put a little salt and a little pepper because it cooks right in. Now usually have the ground salt and pepper. You will see it's a little brown there because the butter got a little brown right here. Now it's just a matter of deciding how you want your egg to cook. This is runny. This is over easy. I like mine over medium to well over medium. It's gonna be another 30 seconds or so that would snap alright this is perfect check it out that is a perfect medium-well egg. Just check this thing out beautiful that's how you make a perfect fried egg. I know it's just the way I like it that rocks bees.

I hope you like my both recipes about Eggs Sunny Side Up.

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