Easy High Protein Recipes- Quick and Easy To Make Oatmeal Recipe

Easy High Protein Recipes- Simple Oatmeal Recipe

Easy High Protein Recipes:Today's post is gonna be quite a delicious one . It's gonna be about the most delicious odhh recipe that you have ever made in your entire life . It's gonna blow your brand into smithereens think . This is going to be the equivalent of an oat recipe . So without further delay guys all you gonna need is a microwave or a stove . You're gonna learn both methods in this post.

 I'm gonna give you a very quick rundown of all the ingredients you're gonna need for this recipe. Now the first ingredient might come as a bit of a shock to you . It's shocker you will need oh it's for a no recipe obviously up next guys . The second ingredient gonna need is rice flight. Now you don't need these necessarily because they are pretty much like oats . They're just gonna give you a better consistency . So if you don't have these in your country of origin . Just stick with the oats . The third ingredient is a banana . The fourth ingredient is some mixed berries .

We're also going to use some almond butter . All peanut butter either or then we're going to use some protein powder . Which is gonna up the taste as well as the protein content . Last but not least guys is going to be either some almond or coconut milk or frickin . Both if you're lucky enough to find them.   Also  some cinnamon which is so damn good and delicious too . That is all the ingredients you're going to need not too much to handle .

easy high protein recipes

 How to Cook

 First step is going to be to cook the oats and the rice flags first and foremost . Now you can do this on the stove or the microwave . But I like to just do in the microwave because if it's in the morning you can put that in leave it as it is and then go do the rest of your morning routine. But once that is done . We can take it out and begin to incorporate all the things that make it taste . That is freaking that guys . It is frickin delicious . Now touching on a little bit of cutting and bulking .

If you are struggling to put on weight as in get in enough calories . You need to actually build some muscle .  What you're gonna do is add in more peanut butter or add in more nuts . Add in coconut oil. Try to add in something that's gonna boost the calories . Then if you were cutting and this is a little bit too much calories for you . What you're gonna do is subtract the almond butter and even maybe subtract the banana . Now this recipe as it stands is 111 grams of carbs 43 grams of protein and 18 grams of fat equating to 775 calories . It is delicious . I really do hope you enjoyed this post about  Easy High Protein Recipes- Simple Oatmeal Recipe.

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