New Style of Cooking Whole Chicken Pressure Cooker Recipes

Today we will talk about Easy Steps cooking today. We are going to share with you a very delicious chicken recipe. I'm going to share chicken pressure cooker recipes. The way I am going to make it will be super tasty and super delicious and very healthy.

Ingredients For Chicken Pressure Cooker Recipes                                                                                                                                                         

I have a whole chicken. Take the skin off cut the chicken into small pieces, trim the fat and wash it with the cold water. 1 cup peas cauliflower 1/2 cup of Florets 1 carrot onion 2 colours yellow and 1 red colour potato 1 tomato 1 garlic balls 8 to 10 garlic clove 2 green chillies about two inches ginger Spice's from masala dhaba and for our Tadka I'm going to use olive oil and we're going to use water as we need it. For our curry, I'm going to clean up the chicken and I'm going to cut into small pieces.

Initial Stage

I took off the skin and I washed it now. I'm going to cut the chicken into smaller pieces. We are going to keep it big chunks or for all the things. We are not going to dice it and I'm going to share with you how to make it tasty and delicious curry. The whole chicken is cut into smaller pieces. This good idea to make a cut on the drumstick so that is perfect cauliflower cut into these big pieces.

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Spices Added In Chicken

These are two florets. This is what we did with the onion, cut into four pieces the same thing with the tomato carrots, cut in big chunks ginger the same thing cut into big pieces and the potato. Now I'm Going to bring the pressure cooker. 4 cups water salt 1 tablespoon cumin powder 1 tablespoon coriander powder 1 tbsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp black pepper 1/2 tbsp curry powder 1/2 tbsp they give me 1/2 tbsp 1 tbsp garam masala mix all the spices green cauliflower prior to cutting all the vegetables we washed it. I'll bring sweet peas to mix it again. I'm Going to bring two more cup water, initially, we added four cups so I'll Bring two more cups so altogether six cups. Spices are necessary for our chicken pressure cooker recipes.

Chicken Pressure Cooker Recipes
Chicken Pressure Cooker Recipes 

Use of Pressure Cooker

Now I'm going to bring the chicken, all the vegetables at the bottom and the chicken at the top. I'm going to cover the pressure cooker we're going to put it on the gas after two whistles. I'm going to turn off the gas, I'll start gas and we're going to keep gas on the high. We're going to wait for two whistles and then turn off the gas, we have our second whistle and I am going to turn off the gas and we let it rest the pressure cooker has been cooled down and we're going to open it whoa look at this is looking very delicious.

Presentation of Dish

All the vegetables at the bottom, the chicken on the top. We're going to take the chicken out in a separate bowl try to drain as much as possible look at the leg piece perfect the chicken is fully cooked. So, I am going to take all the chicken pieces out of the pressure cooker. I have taken out all the chicken pieces into separate Bowl so this is how our curry look now. This is one I wanted to share you.

Use of Hand Blender

Now in our chicken pressure cooker recipes, I'm going to use a hand blender once it's cooldown you can put it in a food processor or if your hand blender like this I'm going to blend it all the vegetable and it's all done. So this is how our gravy. The curry I'm going to bring kasoori methi, I'm Going to rub between my hands it will be 2 TSP looking good mix it this is looking really nice.

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Ingredients For Good Taste

I'm going to put this one on a back burner and we're going to start the gas going to let it cook the curry is fully cooked since we added kasoori methi. I wanted to have that kasoori methi flavour to go inside or curry with the tadka cinnamon stick cloves mace bay leaves red chilli and 1tbsp cumin seed. So, I'm going to start gas the front burner and get the other pot to bring olive oil. You can use any oil 2 tbsp olive oil. I'll bring the cumin bay leaves cloves mace cinnamon red chilli and we're going to cook these spices for one-minute cooking for one minute.

Cooking of Chicken

Now, I'm going to bring the chicken. This is the chicken we pulled out from pressure cooker we going to chicken with the masala. Our chicken is fully cooked so we're going to cook on a high gas for two minutes, cooking for two minutes this is looking really nice I'm going to bring the gas to medium and now I'm Going to bring the curry we're going to turn off the gas. I'll pour the curry so we're going to keep adding the curry look at how delicious creamy curry. We haven't added any cream or any butter, we're going to bring all the curry perfect and it's all done.

Final Touch-up

Now the last ingredient, cilantro fresh dhania. The coriander leaves a good amount of coriander leaves a new style of chicken curry is already. This is super delicious just mix it I'm going to turn off the gas. I'm going to dish out and I'm going to share with you our very tasty and delicious chicken recipe is a new way of cooking it's very delicious please try it and you always can serve with the roti chapati naan phulka paratha and best of all with the rice pilaf. So, that was our chicken pressure cooker recipes.

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